How Much Does Scuba Diving Lessons Cost?

scuba diving cost

The answer to the question of how much does scuba diving lessons cost depends on several factors. One of the biggest factors is the area in which you live and the certification level you are seeking. If you are just getting started then it might be best to focus on a local certification course, since […]

Scuba Diving Blogs

dive blog sites

Scuba diving can be a passion, a hobby, or a life experience for many people. Because of the danger and challenges associated with scuba diving, many scuba divers have found that they either give up scuba diving altogether or take much safety and security into their own hands in order to pursue this activity. There […]

Scuba Diving for Treasure!

scuba diving for treasure in the ocean

One of the most popular scuba diving vacations is scuba diving for treasure in the ocean. Scuba divers explore a limitless variety of interesting underwater formations that are difficult to access by land divers. Because scuba diving is done in bodies of water, such as oceans, there are many wrecks and military ship wrecks with […]

Scuba Diving Age Limit

scuba diving age

The scuba diving age limit in most countries is 12 years old. The scuba diving age limit in the US is 10 years old. This is based on when a child turns around in the calendar year of their birthday. For some diving schools, the scuba diving age limit is higher. The scuba diving age […]

“The Wreck” by Christopher Marlowe

Dive in the wreck

Poems like the ones mentioned earlier. Like most poets of the modern generation, female and male, have become a poetic poet by the mere reading of words. Diving into the wreck like the poem says: “Like some poet diving into the wreck to find out what lies beneath, I too dive into my wreck to […]

When is the Best Time to Catch a Hammerhead?

malapascua hammerhead season

Malapascua is one of the most popular destinations for snorkelers and sailors alike. Every year thousands of visitors flood the area, some with the intention of catching a glimpse of the world’s largest hammerhead shark. Others just want to relax on one of the world’s best beaches. Whatever the reason for visiting the islands, the […]

Discover the Basics of Palao Diving

palao diving

A little-known island off the coast of Costa Rica is Palao, which boasts of many world class diving sites. The island is home to several dive sites that include the renowned Queen Mary 2 and the sunken wreck of the USS Arizona. If you want to explore one of the world’s most popular marine sanctuaries, […]

The Similarities Between Snorkeling and Skin Diving

what is skin diving?

Skin diving and free diving are the same thing, but they are used for different types of scuba diving. In skin diving, the objective is to spend as little time below the water’s surface as possible. In free diving, you simply view the ocean from the top, without ever diving in. When skin diving, when […]

Whales – Terror Among Men & Women

whale shark

When most people think of a whale shark they usually visualize a massive fish with an elongated head and large forefoot that can be found lurking in the depths of a cold blue ocean. However, there are actually several different species of whale sharks including the common bull shark, which live in the warm temperate […]

Manta Ray – Perhaps One of the Most Unfortunate Fish in the Ocean

mantay ray

Like all other great ocean creatures, manta rays do have countershading colouration – bright red on the undersides and pale yellowish or white on their bellies. Like all other Great Ocean creatures, manta rays also have a dorsal fin (or ‘lance’) and lateral line – a series of narrow lines along the body that helps […]